About Us

Lutheran Services New York Alliance is a consortium of nine social service agencies related to the Lutheran church, serving in the greater Metropolitan New York. The logo and link to each agency is located here.

The Alliance continues the work of its predecessor, United Lutheran Appeal, in helping fund the ministries of our member agencies, while owning a wider vision expressed in its Mission and Vision Statements. Clinical Pastoral Education has been a significant part of our mission and continues as an outsourced program. With the termination of our CPE program in 2020, we are now working with CPE programs selected by our member agencies and participants, including the newly-established Lutheran Partners CPE.

Our Mission: Supporting one another and working together to further the church’s mission by addressing and advocating for human care needs in the public square.

Our Vision and Purpose: Lutheran Services New York Alliance seeks to serve as an identifiable public face and voice for excellence, quality and best practices in Lutheran human care services by partnering with members, ecumenical, interfaith and other organizations to develop and strengthen collaborative efforts in the greater Metropolitan New York area.

Our Core Values:

  • Freedom to serve and risk
  • Excellence of service delivery
  • Service with the most vulnerable
  • Vocational dignity
  • Grateful stewardship
  • Express fully our fundamental connectedness

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • Freedom to Serve and Risk
    Strengthen our role as an agent of the church through which joint strategic planning facilitates mission and ministry
  • Excellence of Service Delivery
    Recognize that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’
    Grow the spectrum of quality services
  • Service with the Most Vulnerable
    Join with congregations, other expressions of the church’s mission, interfaith partners and others to address community needs
  • Vocational Dignity
    Become the employers of choice for competent, committed staff who provide quality service and mission-inspired leadership
  • Grateful Stewardship
    Build and maintain financial resources to respond to new opportunities
  • Express fully our Fundamental Connectedness
    Be an identifiable face and voice for Lutheran services to the community and stakeholders