2018 CPE Graduation

CPE Educator and Director for Lutheran Services NY Alliance addresses those present for the graduation this year on August 8. Every year I attend, I find myself being deeply moved by this event. Not only is each graduate recognized for the progress made in learning to provide pastoral and spiritual care more effectively in their respective settings, but each graduate and each person present is invited to tie a small ribbon on the branches seen in the background at the Inter-church Center chapel, 475 Riverside Drive, NYC. Each ribbon is placed in memory of someone who has died during the past year. For the graduates, those with whom they ministered, giving and receiving grace in their patients’ final months, weeks or days, the ribbon is a meaningful memorial to their lives. LSNYA is deeply grateful to Director Misina for the faith and leadership skills shared through her ministry. I only wish more people could experience these kinds of life giving events. Maybe what touches me so deeply about the graduation is that it takes the past and the future and places it in the present moment. The Greek NT word “kairos”, God’s time, is the time we all shared together for that wonderful hour.