In these Three Days, we observe and celebrate that bridge only God can build, even as I drive by and see the new Tappen Zee Bridge being built. It seems to go up so quickly but know that it will take a lot of time before completion. As this bridge was just beginning to be built, two of my Confirmands from some time ago were with others in a deadly accident close to where this photo was taken over almost four years ago. They were to be married within a short time and the accident on that night ended the lives of young people as we knew them and changed the lives of those who survived the boating accident. I keep them and their families in prayer when I drive across this bridge. We need such prayers, and we need not lose sight of that bridge only God can build in the face of deep loss, distrust and fear through the arduous tasks of justice and the exacting work of compassion and healing. Lutheran Services New York Alliance is about building healing connnections where the gaps are wide and the divisions deep. With others committed to serving the vulnerable, the time goes by very fast, but there is a long way to go before the serving comes to completion, a long haul known all too well. In these Three Great Days, we have a map for the work of serving and not losing sight of how valuable this serving is, even as we have been served by the One whose life in death has bridged a great chasm apart from anything we have deserved, done or decided. To those celebrating Passover and in this Holy Week and the Easter to come, blessings to you and to all who serve. Let’s never underestimate or undervalue the arduous work of building bridges especially in these days.