January news at Lutheran Services NY Alliance

One of the most helpful assets for development work is an organization known as the Association of Lutheran Development Executives (ALDE). I attended the annual conference last year as someone new to development work and enjoyed the event very much. First, the people present are dedicated, thoughtful and passionate about their work in helping ignite generosity. Second, the courses offered were designed for people new to development, as well as those who have experience in the field. Third, the event was very well planned and the facility in which it was held accommodated over 1500 in attendance. While the conference is faith based and Lutheran in identity, all interested persons are welcome and many of the people I met in were not Lutherans.

This year the conference will be at the Palmer House in Chicago. The Palmer House is one of the great hotels in the USA and has historical significance. It is also a beautiful venue. Given the warm weather we have been having, maybe those attending will not experience the winter cold that is known by Chicagoans. No matter, those attending will be so captivated by the courses and the speakers and enjoying great food and co-workers, that there will be plenty of warmth to go around inside.

Being new to the work of development, I did not know about ALDE, but I am a proponent of its mission now. I am a proponent because if offers keen insight into the world of philanthropy and generosity, as well as practical steps in how to achieve goals in the field.

Please visit www.ALDE.org for more information about the organization and the conference this February 21-25. If you or someone you know would like to speak with me about the conference, please call me at 845 596 5649. Even if you are not able to attend this year, consider attending in 2017. Scholarships are available for first and second time participants and there is an “early bird” reduced cost for the conference.

A good New Year to you,

John Havrilla,

Lutheran Services NY Alliance