A Message from John

‚ÄčAlliance Members and Friends,

I will always remember and be thankful for the chicken noodle soup that our neighbor brought to us when my wife was ill many years ago. It was made from her Jewish grandmother’s recipe and was more than soup. It was a healing potion of care.

Our Alliance member agencies are committed to caring for people.

Our Alliance is committed to helping our member agencies provide spiritual and pastoral care for people in need.

Our Alliance is committed to helping fund this spiritual and pastoral care.

While our Alliance mission is even greater than supporting pastoral and spiritual care, this work is a central focus of our mission and my work in development.

People who have received such care want to help make it possible that others receive this care in equal measure.

Last Thursday evening, it was very clear that the Lutheran Counseling Center family has been blessed by the caring leadership of Molly Blancke. It was a wonderful evening and wonderful to see the outpouring of appreciation for Molly’s work.

In closing, on December 1, the Alliance and friends will recognize the ministry and work of Ron Drews as Chairperson of the Board for the past eleven years. I hope by now you have received the emailed invitation. Because of time constraints, we decided to send the invitation via email. It comes with a depth of gratitude for all Ron has done in providing steady and creative leadership across these years. To me he is a mentor and friend and am personally grateful to have served with him as an Alliance Board member and now as Executive Director.

Looking forward to being with you and expressing our gratitude to Ron.

Sincerely yours,

John Havrilla