LSNYA Highlights of 2015

  • Celebrating the diversity of our Clinical Pastoral (Spiritual) Education program. Join us for our graduation at 475 Riverside Drive, in the chapel, on August 5 at 11 a.m. Your heart will be warmed and you will be encouraged.
  • Celebrating the leadership of those with us and those who have moved on to new areas of service. We sent Mr. Ron Drews, LSNYA President, and Mrs. Christine Connell, CPE Chairperson, with Godspeed, as they assumed new responsibilities in new areas. The Rev. Silvia Misina continues to serve as our CPE Director. The Rev. John Havrilla moved from Board member to part-time Executive Director in August of 2015.
  • Celebrating a grant from the Wider Church Fund of the Metropolitan NY Synod for our Spiritual Care-Shared Initiative, we welcomed The Rev. Dr. Serge Castigliano as Project Director. We invite you to be present for the report at a breakfast on September 27, at 10 a.m., at the Wartburg.
  • Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Lutheran Counseling Center, the 150 th Anniversary of the Wartburg Adult Care Community, and the 100th Anniversary of Eger Lutheran Homes and Services.
  • We launched our website and will be presenting our first video of interviews with persons who extend and have received spiritual care.
  • We launched our Spiritual Care Fund, which provides financial support for the training of persons involved in pastoral and spiritual care ministries and for extending our chaplaincy and work in spiritual care.
  • We welcomed The Rev. Paul Knudsen as Board Chairperson and The Rev. Carol Fryer as Board Secretary. We are thankful for the service of The Rev. Don Stiger as Vice President and The Rev. Marsh Luther Drege as Treasurer.