Ministerium Gathering

I attended the Ministerium gathering on Long Island this past Monday where the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s “Called Forward Together in Christ” was the topic of the day. The report shares ELCA Strategic Directions 2025. Of the goals presented, goal four includes the following priority: “Lift up the work of ELCA-related social ministries – Build awareness across this church of the important work of ELCA-related social ministry organizations and understanding their work as central to the life of this church.” “Central to the life of this church” says it all, and I would add, as has been offered before, “for the sake of the world.” I do not believe that many ELCA members realize the scope and depth of the work that is being done to help others in life giving ways. I know I didn’t until I got more involved in the work of LSNYA. I was delighted to see this priority included in the plan and look forward to the time bounded goals that will be developed to realize it.