Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program

Lutheran Services New York Alliance currently offers Distance learning CPE program – Extended CPE Unit. It is offered twice a year – 25 weeks long. Spring/Summer Unit: March – August and Fall/Winter Unit: September – February. In this program you are free to elect a clinical site of your choice – hospital, nursing home, congregation, community, etc. in your geographical area. All students then join together in the group learning, which happens once a week via Zoom. Written materials are communicated and submitted via Google Classroom.

Email/contact us for more information about tuition, scholarships and program dates.

Clinical Pastoral Education:

  • Is experiential, supervised learning
  • Develops skills for pastoral care to persons in crisis
  • Uses clinical/case method
  • Seeks to enhance self-understanding as related to ministerial functioning
  • Undergirds self-integration of pastoral/ministerial identity
  • Utilizes interpersonal group process for reporting and reflecting on ministry
  • Practice individualizes learning goals
  • Explores practical and conceptual aspects of theology and behavioral sciences