Lutheran Social Services of New York

Lutheran Social Services of New York and its family of services is a pan-Lutheran organization. Noting God’s love of all people, and the desire of that love to be shared, God calls and empowers us to promote peace, love and justice, with this love being embodied by compassion and service. We see our mission as one of empowering people to reach their full potential.

Lutheran Social Services of New York also operates five single-room occupancy programs in the New York City Metropolitan Area (all of which are easily accessible via public transportation): The Muhlenberg Residence – 201 bed housing unit; The Bergen Street Residence – 58 bed housing unit; Community House/Prospect Park YMCA – 138 bed housing unit; St. John’s I and II – 42 bed single housing unit and 20 unit family residence. Each of these programs provides comprehensive wrap-around supportive social services to individuals who have issues with chronic homelessness, disabilities, and mental illness.

A chaplain intern would be instrumental in providing the opportunity for residents to address their own needs for a ministry presence in their lives. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • The intern can visit and begin to develop a pastoral relationship with residents who are open to conversation.
  • The intern can develop and begin bible studies to be made available to residents.
  • The intern can develop and oversee simple chapel services that will be made available to residents.
  • The intern can provide spiritual direction to those who seek that level of intervention in their lives.

Contact: John Ray Gonzalez, Esq.
Executive Director for Residential Services
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1244
New York, NY 10115
phone: 212-870-1117
fax: 212-870-1101
cell: 347-992-8037

John Ray Gonzalez, Esq.
Executive Director for Residential Services

Mr. Gonzalez has extensive experience as a grass root tenant organizer, community and housing activist, in supportive housing development, administration, and management. His career of service includes success in a wide range of housing development projects for families and individuals, including serving as Housing Director for several nonprofit Local Development Corporations throughout the city. Mr. Gonzalez is a recognized expert in the turn-around of distressed properties. He has been Chairman of the Brooklyn branch of the Supportive Housing Network, an advocacy and lobbying organization. His unique perspective on property development and management is the result of a passion for both housing quality and tenant advocacy. Mr. Gonzalez is experience in developing and managing Tax Credit properties. He successfully succeeded completing Year 15 Tax Credit project of the Muhlenberg Residence converting ownership to Lutheran Social Service of New York.

Mr. Gonzalez supervises the development and operation of LSSNY’s Supportive Housing Program and Facilities, and currently manages 500 units of supportive housing at Muhlenberg Residence, Bergen Street Residence, Community House, St. John House I and St. John House II. The Residential Services division under his supervision provides specialized non-secure detention services for youth through a contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice. In addition he supervises all LSSNY facilities, maintenance, capital improvements and prevention.

Mr. Gonzalez joined LSSNY in October 2000. He received a BS from Long Island University and a JD from Seton Hall Law School.