Clinical Pastoral Education Extended Unit

  • Extended unit is a 30-35 week program, offered each fall: September – April.
  • Extended unit is designed for people who have full-time commitments elsewhere and who wish to participate in a CPE unit.
  • The program requires 9-10 clinical hours a week, 4 group seminar hours a week and 10 individual supervision sessions per one unit.
  • Participants make their clinical hours schedule in cooperation with a site chaplain in charge.

Group meets once a week for seminars – time to be determined. Individual supervision sessions will be scheduled individually with a CPE Certified Educator. Group meetings and individual supervisions will be offered online, as Distance Learning CPE. This will provide an opportunity for students who are geographically distant or in remote areas and wish to participate in a unit of CPE.

In addition to our clinical site placements, we offer an opportunity of an External Agency – a clinical site of your choice: congregations, shelters, your local health care facility etc. Please, contact us for more information.