Clinical Pastoral Education History

Development of Lutheran Services NY Alliance (LSNYA) CPE

The LSNYA CPE program is an undertaking of a consortium of Lutheran social ministry agencies in the Metro NY area that was formed in spring of 2004. Several of these agencies had previous experience with CPE— with two, Eger and Lutheran Medical Center, being ACPE accredited Centers. LSNYA retained the Rev. Serge A. Castigliano, PhD on a part-time consulting basis to serve as Program Director with responsibility to develop the inter-agency program and obtain accreditation as a multi-site CPE Center with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). The first Alliance CPE program was conducted in the summer of 2004, and accreditation was achieved in 2006. Several Supervisory CPE students and Candidates, along with one Associate Supervisor, assisted or conducted programs until 2011when Rev. Silvia Misina became the Manager of CPE.

Since its first program in 2004 over 250 CPE Interns and Residents, plus twenty five Supervisory CPE student units have been completed. Participants included clergy, seminarians, deacons and qualified laity, both male and female, from a broad cross-section of faith traditions as well as cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Diversity among the participants is an important value in the mission of LSNYA CPE.

One of the key goals of the program is to enrich, enhance and supplement spiritual care in the participating LSNYA agencies. Member agencies of the LSNYA consortium currently participating in the CPE program with placement sites for CPE Interns are as follows:

Eger Lutheran Homes and Services

Located in Staten Island this agency provides skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, respite, hospice, assisted living and social adult day care for over 500 aging persons and persons with special needs.

Lutheran Care Center

Located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Lutheran Care Center is considered a household. It is a long-term care facility. Spiritual Care Team values the spirit of individuality that resides in each resident. The ministry is founded on the understanding that when a person chooses to make their home in this community, they are changing where they live, not who they are.

Lutheran Social Services of Metropolitan NY

A multi-service, multi-site agency that operates several single room occupancy supportive housing facilities and group homes located in Brooklyn for mentally disabled, homeless and ex-offenders.

Seafarers and International House

A maritime ministry agency that provides global mission outreach to seafarers who come to NY from all over the world, primarily through workplace ministry of shipboard visitation in NY ports.

Wartburg Adult Care Community

Located in Mt. Vernon, NY this agency provides long-term skilled nursing, short-stay rehabilitation, adult day care, outpatient and home health care services for the elderly and other populations needing such services.