Member Covenant Affirmations

Subscribing parties to this covenant affirm:
That in relationship to member agencies, the judicatories will:

  • Maintain active affiliation/recognition with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and/or The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
  • Maintain an active partnership with the Metropolitan New York Synod-Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and/or The Atlantic District-Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
  • Be represented in regular meetings with the Bishop and/or President of the local judicatories by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer and others as appropriate. These meetings shall address ministry concerns of all parties, seeking clear communication, efficient and effective ministry, coordination of services and planning to help fulfill and ever-developing vision of ministry.

That in relationship to member agencies, the judicatories will:

  • Be represented in regular meetings with CEO’s by the Bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod, and the President of the Atlantic District, and other judicatory officials, as appropriate.
  • Continue to regard the ministries of the social ministry organizations as integral to the life of the church in loving service.
  • Encourage area congregations to call upon the social ministry organizations for services, provide prayer, volunteer and financial support.
  • Through publications, conferences, conventions/assemblies and other communication opportunities, uphold, and celebrate the ministries of the social ministry organizations.

That in relationship to each other, members will:

  • Seek to be the public face of Lutheran services, united in purpose, to advocate for justice, to represent those without voice, and to work in partnership with like-minded people of similar commitments.
  • Develop and expand services giving regard to preventing unnecessary duplication or geographic overlap in service areas of other member agencies.

That in relationship to area congregations, members will:

  • Seek partnership and opportunities for mutual ministries, calling upon the resources of both the Alliance members and the congregation.
  • Encourage congregation members to utilize services offered by member organizations as needed and appropriate.
  • Develop further avenues for congregations to utilize the expertise, experience, talents and facilities of Alliance member agencies to enhance the education, health and well-being of their members.
  • Promote faith filled stewardship opportunities for congregations and their members through special programs and the United Lutheran Appeal.

With gratitude and thanks giving to God for the opportunities that exist to serve as partners in mission and ministry, this Covenant is affirmed by the member organizations.