Ways to Give

Thank you for considering a gift to the Spiritual Care Fund of Lutheran Services New York Alliance.

Give Securely Online

You can give directly online by clicking here.

Send a Check

Please send checks to:
LSNYA c/o St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
St. Peter’s Business Services
11 Ogden Court
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Match a Gift

Companies often have programs for their employee’s charitable contributions that can increase the gift two-fold or more. Contact your company Personnel Department or Corporate Headquarters regarding a “Matching Gift” program.

Thrivent Donor Choice

Members of Thrivent can designate their Thrivent Choice Dollars for our service Alliance by visiting Thrivent.com by clicking here.

Recognition Gift

Gifts can be given in honor of special events in a person’s life, such as graduation, anniversaries, birthdays and retirement, to name several. Indicate the recognition via email to John Havrilla, jw.lsnya@gmail.com, or include this information on the check memo and send it to the address indicated above.

Memorial Gifts

Gifts can be given in memory of loved ones and friends. Include the name(s) of the person(s), for whom the memorial gift is being given, and forward to John Havrilla at jw.lsnya@gmail.com. The individual(s) will be included in memorial prayers at services/masses held in our agency chapels during the month the gift is given.

Gifts received help support our service Alliance’s Spiritual Care Fund. The purpose of this fund is to support pastoral and spiritual care for those served by our member’s work, particularly through our Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Education Program. Gifts designated to our member agencies are sent directly to the agency to support their service and care of people in need.

Legacy gifts, and gifts received through planned giving, are also ways in which our service Alliance work is accomplished. Our work relies completely on the generosity of others. To learn more about supporting our service Alliance work in this way, please contact John Havrilla at (845) 596-5649 or by email at jw.lsnya@gmail.com.